Thursday, 14 November 2013

Vibrate yourself to a different timeline

 Think of a big field of timelines that we can move around in.

We are constantly and subtly moving between the timelines within this field, we just don't realize it, so we tend to stay in the same region of timelines. Culture has tuned our attention into a small range of of timelines.

We can move through the field by will and vibration, like a jellyfish in water, or like a butterfly through the air.

We just need to figure out where we want to go, and then use vibrational momentum to propel us to our destination.

Think of the reality/timeline that you want to be in, and then vibrate towards it.

The nature of reality is liquid, so move in a fluid manner, and propel yourself with your vibrations.

Start fluttering.

The idea is that we are subtly moving between realities/timelines all the time, we just aren't aware of it.

Culture/media keeps us tuned into a narrow band of timelines so that we don't move too far off the farm.

Moving to other realities involves letting go of attachments to your current reality, you have to remove any energy invested in the current one, then you can fly off to another one. This is internal work you do to cut the strings.

Drop all religion, drop all ritual, drop all OCD type behavior, and figure out where you are investing your energy. Once these strings are cut, only then can you start to fly. 

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