Thursday, 14 November 2013

End Times and Living Your Bliss

The real transformation is when you step into your world/bliss/joy now-moment. Everything else from Religion, gods, ETs, Conspiracy, Contact and any other form of woo-woo are just a symbol set that points to the real Nirvana of living your personal bliss.

Riding in a spaceship or sitting on a cloud in heaven are just symbols pointing you to the real nirvana of personal bliss. They aren't the real thing themselves. You just have to follow the beacon of your highest joy and drop the baggage that doesn't belong to you. As you do you will lighten-up and reality will synchronistically respond by bringing you more of your joy.

Solipsism is the only thing that explains 'personal syncs', they couldn't exist if you were irrelevant. The people in your lives are real, but you only experience the version of them that corresponds to the reality frequency that you are in, which is determined internally by your state of being. The internal is the prime mover, the external is the reflection.

So how does this tie into 1999 simulation. Well I think that the last 15 years or so has been an integration period, of reflection, nostalgia, eclecticism, hipsterism and so forth. It is the time where we collect our thoughts on what we learned in the 'real world', prior to this time, and where we can go within and figure out what our highest joy/bliss actually is. We have gathered our experiences and are now ready to fly into the reality of our own choosing equipped with all the props and flavors of life that we have experienced. We then will have our own human singularity. The human singularity is our only escape hatch from the technological singularity which is just around the corner, I mean google glass even looks like the borg, right?

Technology was only ever meant to be a surrogate for the meme to be born and shared, the meme of living our own bliss. We now have to discard that technological umbilical cord and fly into our dreams.

The Ape now stands at the threshold of Angel or Android.

One final note: Yes follow your bliss, yes act it out, but never make it a 'some day' thing, because then it will always be 'some day'. Instead you have to anchor it into the present, because there only is the present. You have to act it out and go through the motions of the ideal you in the now, as if it is already present.

Picked up this final note by listening to a Bashar Q&A late on Friday night, and it really resonated.

Edit: You can further boil this down to the following affirmation:

When is x gonna happen for me?

Answer: As soon as I anchor it into the present.

So whenever you ask when is it gonna happen, catch yourself and always answer with "As soon as I anchor it into the present."

You will find that you will do this 40 or more times in a day.

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