Thursday, 14 November 2013

Reality ~ Pay Attention to the micro glitches

You will discover more about the nature of reality in a careful observation of the subtle anomalies or 'micro-glitches' in your day to day life.
I don't mean Deja-Vu, Deja-Vus may be relatively big glitches, but they are too rare to make any meaningful study of.

If you really want to get a feel for the shape and fabric of the reality, then you have to carefully find subtle threads of anomalies in your mundane day to day life.

Notice when time slows down or speeds up, and other subtle things like little synchronicities. Try to find small patterns.

I saw through the matrix in a dream last night.

You know when you see something in a dream that you remember from somewhere, but then you wake up and you know that it didn't happen in your waking timeline?

In other words you see something in a dream and say "Oh yeah, that happened, I remember it", but in your 'real life' it didn't happen that way, but in the dream you remember it as something that DID happen, as a real memory.

So in dreams you remember all possible variations of an event, all the timelines, but when you wake up you only remember the way it happened in your waking timeline.

anyone understand? Tough to explain.

In the dream you are able to float across all timelines at once. 

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