Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Imagination - our true power

 Do this simple exercise with your imagination, and start to remember the true power within. The exercise may seem simple and obvious, but it shows how much we take the imagination for granted, and how little we make use of it.
Close your eyes and imagine a tree, and then open your eyes. Now close your eyes again, but imagine a different tree, then repeat this a third and a fourth time, each time imagining a different looking tree.

You can repeat this an infinite number of times, and your imagination will be able to create a different and unique tree each time. This is the infinite creative power within you.

In a world where everything seems hard, fixed, and immutable, the imagination is the one place where you can do anything.

Here's another way to use the imagination:

When you want to see an amazing image like a forest or a town, don't use the conscious mind to do it, but let the sub-conscious mind create the image, it will always be far more spectacular and real looking.

I believe that this is a case of try vs do. The act of trying to accomplish something is the way of the conscious mind, but the sub-conscious mind doesn't need to try, it just does it effortlessly.

So the only thing you should do with the conscious mind is merely to suggest what you want to see, and then the sub-conscious will take that suggestion and will effortlessly create beautiful and intricate images on its own.

A good way to experience this is by listening to an audio book, and to let the sub-conscious paint the words into images.

You ask the sub-conscious to paint the images for you, and you can sit back and see what it comes up with, don't let the conscious mind interfere with the images. The role of the conscious mind should merely be to suggest.

Also, get creative when you make these suggestions/requests.

Suggesting a forest is fine, but you can also request to see a special floating ball of light that has the power to make you feel warmth in the real world just by looking at it in your imagination. The conscious mind has no idea what such a thing looks like, or if such a thing can even exist, but the sub-conscious mind has no rules or limits like that, if you suggest it and then let the sub-conscious mind create it, it can and will create anything that you suggest.

The conscious mind is limited because it has to try and figure out how something like that would work, but the sub-conscious isn't bound by any conditions/rules/laws, it just does anything instantly. 

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