Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hold the vibration of what you want to manifest

Creating your own reality is not as simple as turning on/off a light-switch, not yet anyway. Instead we have to learn it as a series of baby steps, and do the necessary inner-gymnastics to get the ball rolling.

When you think of something that you want to manifest you create a vibration to make it happen. You project that wish into the universe, and like a boomerang you have to be standing in the same place in order to receive it, you have to remain in the same vibration. We often project our wishes into the universe, and then get distracted by something else that changes our vibration, so when our wish comes back to us we aren't there to receive it.

As I said this is a baby-step remembering process, so first try holding the vibration for a minute, then five minutes..etc Different wishes will require different lengths of time to come back to us. The good news is that the more we exercise this creative muscle, the less time these things take to come back to us. This is all about moving from doing-ness to being-ness, pure being-ness is outside of time, and in that state everything manifests instantly.

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