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Older thoughts on Creating Your own Reality

My earlier 'Create your own reality' article is in fact the newer one, read it first. this one here is some of my older musings.

This is a collection of some of my old posts/thoughts.

I think that creating your own reality is concept that resonates with all of us, especially at this time of awakening. We all have the feeling somewhere within us that we should be creating our own reality.

So the question becomes, what is the lag or waiting period between having a wish, and the wish becoming real. I believe that this lag is simply our ingrained belief systems, especially from childhood. We are taught concepts like the serial nature of linear time, and entropy in the universe. I think that these types of western beliefs are what holds us back from creating our own reality, or at least slows it down.

By holding these types of western beliefs, it makes us think that creating reality involves some form of doing, or doing-ness. The idea that we have to do something as some entropic action against time. I think that we have to loosen the screws of these belief systems, and unlearn and undo these concepts.

So we need to move out of doing-nesss, and back into being-ness, being in the NOW. In being, and being-ness you are not required to do anything, things just happen instantaneously. Getting into being-ness involves a deep theraputic inner-work to dislodge these ideas of doing-ness, and the concepts of the western mind. This theraputic inner-work isn't just at the surface level either, it's something that we have to work on from the inside-out to completely dislodge the western illusionary beliefs.

We have to get out of the male/western illusion that you have to wrestle with the external universe in order to accomplish something. I think that process of getting into the NOW, and being-ness involves bringing out our feminine energy, and this feminine energy will be the theraputic force that helps us to loosen the screws of our male belief systems.

Native people's aren't brainwashed by this western colonial illusion of doing-ness, the idea that you have to build mega-civililizations in order to accomplish something. These illusions are all a form of moving away from nature, and trying to conquer it, these are patriarchal concepts. People often wonder why Native peoples don't do anything, or why they aren't players in the game of civilization/empire building. Well, the answer is that they are focused on being-ness, and have an intimate connection to Mother Earth. They realize that doing-ness is a move in the wrong direction, it only leads to the problems that are evident in the world today. Women are also more in tune with being-ness, women can understand things on an intuitive level, whereas men need maths/geometries etc in order to understand these same concepts. Women don't need to do anything, because they are already in the NOW, they are already at the destination point, they are in touch with their intuition, and they have gone within, rather than buying into the illusion that the answers are outside of themselves. The good news is that regardless of our sex, we can all tap into our own feminine energies, and start to move back into being-ness.

Bring out the feminine energies, and start this deep inner-work that will free us of our old belief systems. Once these male illusions of doing-ness have been removed, then there will be no lag between having a wish, and the wish becoming real. We will simply be creating reality in the NOW, and life will become easier than we ever imagined.

I feel that it is our nature/purpose to create our own reality, but making it actually happen is the part that some people are struggling with.

The reason is because we are trying to do it like pushing a button, and expecting instant results. That doesn't work right now because we are still in amnesia. Instead we should be doing it in the form of a dance, a series of baby-steps that will help us to remember. You must find the moves to this dance via an introversion into your inner-self, and through this internal dowsing the steps of this sacred dance will be revealed. It's all about going within, and figuring out the first moves/baby steps to initiate and ignite this kinesthetic inner-dance.

We already create reality during the day with our imagination, but this is a very ethereal level.
The next level is via dreaming, this level of reality creation has more substance to it, and is more 'real'. We often think that it is real.
So to create reality in our real lives we just need to find a way of turning up the dial. Using a stronger form of what we already do in imagination/dreaming.

We need to internally dance ourselves into the space of sacred creation, of our creator self. We need to internally dowse all aspects of our lives until we enter into that space of sacred charge, and then we will be able to bend the reality around us.

It's not the Matrix that keeps us trapped... It's the distractions within the Matrix that keep us trapped.

It's like being in a big room full of toys, you can leave at any time, but first you have to put down the toys.

We invest our focus and energy into these many distractions of life, on many different levels, some that we aren't even aware of.

It's like being glued to the television, or spending hours on a video game, they are just lures for our attention.

You have to figure out where you are investing your energy and attention, and then once you become aware of these lures you can then step away from them, and slowly you will regain your senses and yourself.

When you stop wrestling for answers in the external world, you can then go within and find the real answers.

The Chhandogya Upanishad

by Swami Krishnananda
Section 1: The Universal Self Within the Heart and in the World

Some Quotes from it:

"This is the secret, as the Upanishad puts it. This heart is a great secret, and by an introversion of Consciousness into its depths, it would be possible to plumb the mysteries of the whole cosmos. The reason is that the tentacles of all planes of being are centred in one's heart. It is as though this heart is the centre of a universal circle. The radii of this circle converge into this little centre of Consciousness which we vaguely call the subject of perception."

"You ask me what is inside this little space. I tell you that everything is inside here," says the teacher. It is like a speck of sunlight. Though it may look like a speck, it contains constitutionally everything that is in the orb of the sun. Similarly, that which is in this little space can magnify itself to any extent. It is an emblem of the cosmic secret. Whatever is the extent of this vast space that is outside, that is the extent of this little space in our own heart also. So, one should not be under the impression that it is little in an arithmetical sense. It is little in a different sense altogether. It is not physically small. It is not a little handful of space. It is really as expansive and as extensive as this universal ether that we see outside. The whole of the heaven and the whole earth can be found inside this little space. The principles of the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether - and whatever you see outside, is all present here in this little ether. The sun and the moon and also the stars can be seen inside this very heart of ours. They have a corresponding emissary planted in our own heart. We need not look up to the sun outside. He is inside our heart and he shines in the same way as he is seen outside in outer space. Even the lightning and the thunder that are seen outside are taking place inside our heart. Everything that happens in any manner, even the littlest thing, takes place here inside. Whatever we see in the outside world and whatever we cannot see in the outside world - all those things are inside our heart."

"We now commence the eighth and the last chapter of the Chhandogya Upanishad. In our own self, in the deepest recess of our own heart, there is a great secret. This is the subject of this chapter. We carry within our own self a great mystery. No one can be a greater mystery than our own Self. Everything else is capable of definition and understanding, but one's own Self is the greatest enigma in the whole world. Everything can be investigated into, but not one's own Self, because it is a great secret by itself. It is not an open box where we can pick out whatever we like merely by sense perception. It is a tremendous mystery which hides, within its own bosom, the miracles of the whole creation. Such is the heart of man which is the pivot of every kind of activity, whether internal or external."

Forget New Age concepts like the Higher-Self, that's just externalizing, I only deal with the Inner-Self. The external world is projected from the Inner-self. The external world doesn't influence us, we influence it. You are the projector, the matrix is the film being played, and what's being projected on the screen is the external reality. You just need to replace the film with your own one, and then project your film instead.

Creating your own reality is not as simple as turning on/off a light-switch, not yet anyway. Instead we have to learn it as a series of baby steps, and do the necessary inner-gymnastics to get the ball rolling.

When you think of something that you want to manifest you create a vibration to make it happen. You project that wish into the universe, and like a boomerang you have to be standing in the same place in order to receive it, you have to remain in the same vibration. We often project our wishes into the universe, and then get distracted by something else that changes our vibration, so when our wish comes back to us we aren't there to receive it.

As I said this is a baby-step remembering process, so first try holding the vibration for a minute, then five minutes..etc Different wishes will require different lengths of time to come back to us. The good news is that the more we exercise this creative muscle, the less time these things take to come back to us. This is all about moving from doing-ness to being-ness, pure being-ness is outside of time, and in that state everything manifests instantly.

Here are some more tips:

1. Create from the Heart, not from the Head.

2. Feel that what you want to create has already happened, this will help to hold the vibration.

3. Play with your inner-light on a daily basis.

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