Thursday, 14 November 2013

The available substrate of reality stretching thin

Think of reality as a ball of clay, there is a finite amount of material to work with.

We are in a state now where there is "nothing new under the sun" essentially.

Certain human things have already reached their end-points, and now we just regurgitate them.

The art and literature of the 20s & 30s has never been surpassed and never will

Music really ended in 1969, but was able to be stretched until the late 90s, everything after that was a reprise and nostalgic regurgitation of what had come before.

Almost all films nowadays are re-makes, so are lots of video games.

You see the natural unfoldment of these things ended a long time ago, and now we are in a situation of desperate stretching out whatever clay is left to play with, and a recycling of old ideas.

All the young people nowadays are 'hipsters', hipsters wear flannel shirts, buy vinyl, dress in eclectic clothing from past decades, they are basically recycling old ideas in shorter and shorter cycles.

Also there are no larger than life iconic figures nowadays, like Martin Luther King or Einstein, paradigmatic individuals. The closest may be Steve Jobs, but look what he represented, a device that lets you have an eclectic music collection, an 90s playlist, an 80s playlist, a device that lets you recycle the past nostalgically, so he represents the recycling hipsters.

So what happens when there is no more substrate left to play with, it must mean some sort of singularity or graduation for humanity.

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